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Our vision is to be a prominent independent oil and gas company in Nigeria and Africa. By developing and nurturing a long-term strategic vision that drives company growth and profitability, we aspire to sustain value and create strong financial returns for our shareholders, employees, and partners. By continually innovating and improving our operational and organizational performance, we aim to meet or exceed the success of our peers.


    • Our mission is to be an environmentally conscious, fiscally responsible, well managed for-profit enterprise that reinvests for future growth and development.
    • Our mission is to grow reserves and production by employing a benefit based use of technology and resources.
    • Our mission is to innovate. We will strive to fully understand the problem or opportunity. We will remain open minded and explore new possibilities that lead to effective solutions.
    • Our mission is to build and maintain alliances with those that share our interests and can contribute to and participate in our success.
    • We believe in education, enrichment and development.
    • We will foster relationships that integrate the talent, interests, and goals of all our co-workers.


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  • Km 17, Port Harcourt - Aba Expressway Off Boskel Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
  • +234-84300042,
    +234 805 518 0029,
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